Braces Off



What are braces? Well, talking about dental procedures, these are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help to position them concerning a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental health. Well, if trying to know the right instruments and understand how they are capable of will make your dental examination time efficient and safe to use.

Placing a large chain first that fits enough around the feet of the patient making sure he or she is comfortable, and then lifting the patient up until their head is off the floor about three feet and slowly lowering them down into a boiling nitric acid. This kind of procedure slowly eats away the head and leaves a perfectly clean and shiny set of braces.

Besides the procedure above, there are varieties of considerations to be planned out. Using a special set of pliers t squeeze the curve on the braces and breaking the bond to the plastic adhesive. Remember, we don’t pull braces off, we should be as much as possible naturally getting it loose off. The plastic bonding material is being fractured so you can loose each bracket and once a bracket comes off, a domino effect commences. Yes, we use physics, inclined planes, even weggie orthodontics.

When each of the brackets are off, it is ‘popped’ off clean, leaving a layer of plastic bonded to the tooth. A special set of pliers for teeth and braces extraction are recommended as they can remove the plastic that is bonded to the teeth, peeling off the plastic and polishing the enamel where the plastic was removed.

After you get your braces off, you might want to see your dentist in the next month for a full cleaning.  Also look into getting your teeth whitened.  We recommend Crest products like White-Strips or Night Effects.

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