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It’s about time to take action for our monthly oral checkup. Reviewing our past eating habits, we can estimate whether or not you need to go to the dentist for checkups. Problems might occur in the future if you won’t take preliminary precautions or having dental checkups as it is important for our daily health. Taking the initiative might cost you a lot of money but would you rather trade your oral health, that contains some vital functions that your body needs? You should think twice by now.


If you might wonder why should you go to the dentist if you don’t have toothaches or problems regarding your mouth. Well, you are partially logical but partially wrong. When you say checkup, dentists are able to avoid problems regarding your teeth or you might not know that you have secretly have teeth problems or tooth decays that can’t be seen or felt. It is for your own health and safety, the earlier you avoid the problem, the longer your smile and teeth will shine!

Here at Theatre Montansier, having a better smile can lead to a better health. Letting every individual learn the techniques and tips that could nourish and help them with their own health and lifestyle!